Quality policy - Evricom Ltd.

The quality policy of Evricom Ltd. is based on the following principles:

Establishing the company as a leader in the production of wax blends and the supply of paraffin, ceresin, stearin and other waxes on the national and international markets.
Continuous study and analysis of customer requirements in order to fully meet and expand market opportunities and competitiveness.
Meeting the contractual requirements of the clients, ensuring high quality and in compliance with the current standards.
Leadership role in quality management and risk management.
Implementation of a process model in planning, organizing, controlling and analyzing the activities.
Maitaining the efficincy of the system and its continuous improvement through periodic reviews and analyzes, taking into account the views and interest ot stakeholders.
Providing the necessary resources to operate and improve the QMS.
Involvement of the staff by information about the status and clarification of the guidelines for the organizations of the development.
Striving for continuous improvement of QMS.
High quality in all our activities is a guarantee of prosperity, strategic strength and growth.

RAL Quality Label

As a manufacturer of RAL quаlity wax blends, Evricom Ltd. strictly adheres to the standards of the European Association of Quality Supplies for Candles.

For our customers, RAL quality mark of our wax blends means the following:

pure raw materials for candles, conforming to the RAL standard.
when burning, candles from our blends emit a minimum amount of soot and smoke.

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