Types of Wax blends for Vineyards and Orchards

Evricom Ltd. offers the following waxes, which are different in composition and properties, specially formulated for the purpose of vineyards and orchards growing:

EGW131 – wax for usage immediately before sale and during storage of the vines.

  • Flexible wax that forms a thick layers, doesn’t form any cracks on the surface, with excellent adhesion.
  • It limits the damages caused by the development of a gray rot fungus, in warm rooms in winter.
  • It provides safe storage of vines until the seedling of the finished product in spring.
Восъчни смеси за лозарство и овощарство

EGW141 – wax for vine protection in the field and in the nurseries;

  • Wax with the most appropriate properties – melting temperature and hardness, which provide plant protection at low temperatures at night and high temperatures during the day.
  • It is a flexible wax, forms a thick layers, doesn’t form any cracks on the surface, with excellent adhesion.
  • The wax doesn’t crack ot break when exposed outdoor at different temperatures.
  • The young vine is sealed and protected in the field, the wax protects the plant from excessive water loss.
  • The wax makes it harder to diseases to spread and provides favorable condiitons for rooting and bursting of new buds.

EGW151 – wax for sealing and protecting of orchards, specially formulated for:

  • For coating the spool to prevent the substrate from rooting and avoiding contamination.
  • Fоr sealing cut branches after pruning for faster recovery of the tree after intervention.
  • For sealing of natural wounds on the trunk and the branches formed by poor weather conditions, animals and other factors (independent of human activity).
Лозарство и овощарство
Лозарство и овощарство

EGW231 – wax for roses suitable for cuttings during their transplanting and storage;

  • Flexible was that protects young plant from loss of juices and also against environmental influences of the injured site.
  • It withstands temperature fluctuations in summer and winter without losing its elasticity.
  • It restricts the access of vulnerable parts of the plant to air, moisture, pests and fungi.

Antifrost candles

Evricom Ltd. manufactures antifrost candles for protection of orchards and vineyards against frosting. While burning, candles heat the ambient air and temperature increases. The smoke, released during burning process, forms a protective blanket and prevents the loss of heat. Our candles raise the air temperature by up to 7 degrees depending on the quantity of candles used and the weather conditions.

To achieve effective protection, the recommended amount of antifrost candles is between 200 and 500 pieces per hectare area according to weather conditions.

Antifrоst candles are made of wax blend filled in tinplate buckets with handle and lid. Candles’ burning time is from 12 to 14 hours for a 4,5 kg candle if following correctly the instructions for use.

Antifrost candles – types

  • Antifrost candle – made of paraffin wax blend.
  • Green antifrost candle – made of vegetable wax blend.
Лозарство и овощарство

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