Production of Candles

Each technology for production of candles requires the usage of waxes with appropriate parameters. Evricom Ltd. produces special candle wax blends that allow candle production companies to make candles according to the requirements of the manufacturing methods. Special candle making waxes contain all the necessary ingredients and their usаge increase the productivity and reduce the production costs.

Following global trends of using renewable sources as raw materials, Evricom has developed 100% natural wax mixtures for the production of candles under the “YUCCA” brand. Various modifications of YUCCA blends are suitable for the production of household, container and decorative candles by mouldng, filling, pressing, extrusion and dipping methods. You can read more about our new YUCCA brand products here.

Besides wax blends for candle making, Evricom Ltd. produces high quality candles under the “LIGHT CLUB” brand or according to the customer’s design on the terms of “Private Label” –

Производство на свещи32

Production of candles with special wax - advantages:

  • Quality improvement.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Optimal burning of candles.
  • Color saturation.
  • Evenly fragrance release while burning.
  • Reducing wastage from production.
  • Changes in the technical parameters of waxes are possible according to customer requirements.

Special waxes can be liquid and transported in tank trucks, in the form of granules in bags of 25 kg or in the form of slabs packed in cartoon boxes of 24-25 kg.

Waxes for candle production according to the technology:
Filling, Pressing, Extrusion, Dipping, Drawing, Moulding

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