Wax blends for the Textile industry – types and applications

Using wax rolls improves quality problems like needle breaks and leaks, knitting, thread breaks etc. Depending on the application and the type of thread, the manufacturing companies’ rolls are in different colors. The most common are yellow, green, white and pink rolls.

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Wax blends for Green wax rolls

Blend for green wax rolls – for wool, synthetic yarn and cotton; it can be applied to fibers for which is required thicker layering;

Wax blends for Yellow wax rolls

Blend for yellow wax rolls – for wool, synthetic and blended yarn, cotton; it is suitable also for high room temperatures;

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Текстилна промишленост

Wax blends for White wax rolls

Blend for white wax rolls – for wool, synthetic and blended yarn, cotton; best suited for working with finer fibers – after loosening, pulling, knitting yarns or twisting yarns;

Wax blends for Pink wax rolls

Blend for pink wax rolls – soft yarns, worsted, knitted or knitted, production process at lower temperatures (25 °C);

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