Synthetic waxes

Artificially synthesized waxes are called synthetic. They are obtained by different methods and from different raw materials. In the general case, controlling the synthesis process allows the final product to be with certain properties.

Types of Synthetic waxes

The main types of synthetic wax are polyolefin waxes and
Fischer-Tropsch waxes.

Polyolefin waxes

Polyolefin waxes are synthetic waxes produced by the polymerisation of ethylene (polyethylene wax), propylene (propylene wax) and other monomers. Polyolefin waxes vary depending on the type of production, type of polymer, type of catalyst and reactivity of the finished wax.

Fischer-Tropsch waxes

Fischer-Tropsch waxes are synthesized from natural gas in high temperature reactors and under specific conditions using catalysts.

Synthetic waxes - applications

Synthetic waxes have an increasing industrial role. The main applications of synthetic waxes are hot melt adhesives, plastics processing, paints, cosmetics and ointments.

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