Special waxes by application

Petroleum and vegetable waxes from refineries have certain technical parameters, which are often unsuitable for different uses and production technologies.

Through a R&D unit equipped with modern laboratory equipment, Evricom Ltd. develops special waxes by application according to the specific requirements of the customers. The use of waxes specially developed for them increases productivity, reduces the cost and increases the quality of the products produced by customers. Special waxes by application can be liquid and transported in tank trucks, in the form of granules in bags of 25 kg or in the form of slabs packed in cartoon boxes of 24-25 kg.

In 2021 Evricom has developed YUCCA wax blends composed entirely of natural waxes. The use of waxes of vegetable and animal origin as an alternative to petroleum waxes is a step towards protecting the environment and using its resources wisely. YUCCA unites the best of plant and animal waxes, creating quality wax mixtures, nature friendly. More information about YUCCA mixtures can be found here.

Специални восъци по приложение

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