Evricom is now part of ECMA

From this year, the company “Euricom” became part of the family of ECMA – European Candle Manufacturers Association. The association in its current form and name was founded in 2021, when two existing ones merged – AECM (Association of European Candle Manufacturers) and ECA (European Candle Association). The purpose of the merger is for the new association to represent the entire candle manufacturing industry in Europe.

ECMA is an international non-profit association governed by the Belgian Companies Code. Its seat is located in Brussels.
ECMA members are companies producing candles in Europe, associations representing the interests of the industry at a regional level in Europe, as well as companies that supply raw materials and services to the candle industry.

ECMA represents candle manufacturers, their national associations and suppliers to the industry. As the collective voice of the European candle industry, the association ensures a continuous exchange of information with authorities, NGOs, the media and other stakeholders and ensures that the interests of its members are heard and understood.

ECMA promotes the safe use of candles, increases the knowledge of candles safety and plays an active role in the development of the regulatory and standardization environment. ECMA advocates the interests of the industry, represents its membership to relevant stakeholders and policy makers, assists with compliance with legal and customer specific requirements, promotes fair competition and is committed to increasing the renewable aspect of the industry.

More information can be found here.

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