Date of the last update: 10.05.2020

On May 25, 2018, a new General Data Protection Regulation, adopted by the European Union, entered into force. The regulation aims to ensure the protection of personal data in all EU Member States and to harmonize the regulations for the data’s processing.

As a administrator of personal data, Evricom Ltd. meets the requirements of the new regulation by collecting personal data only if it is necessary for the providing of services, at the same time keeping the data responsibly and legally.

Please read this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Prootection before using the site This document will give you information on how Evricom Ltd., as the an owner and manager of the website and a data administrator, keeps your privacy and how it protects, collects, processes, stores and uses your personal data in its activities.


This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection, hereinafter referred to as „Privacy Policy“, governs the relationship in the processing of personal data between Evricom Ltd., hereinafter referred to as „Provider“, owner of the website:, hereinafter referred to as the „Site“, on the one hand, and visitors to websites and services located on the domain, hereinafter referred to as „User“, on the other.


2.1. Provider Information:

Evricom Ltd.
UIC 833051309
Registered address: Stara Zagora, PO Box 6000, 168 Tsar Ivan Asen II Str.
Head office / address for correspondence: Stara Zagora, PO Box 6000, 28 Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Blvd., office 18
Telephone: +359 42 692 600
The Company is an Administrator of personal data in relation to the services it provides to the User.

2.2. Supervisory authorities:

Commission for Personal Data Protection
Address: Sofia 1592, 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Telephone: (02) 940 20 46
Fax: (02) 940 36 40
Website: https: // /


3.1. Website, site – website with address (URL), property of Evricom Ltd. – content including information about the company Evricom Ltd., pages for its products and services, publications and other content.

3.2. Provider – Evricom Ltd., owner of, who manages and maintains the Site and through it provides the User an information and trade services.

3.3. User – any individual or legal entity using the services of the Site.

3.4. Personal data – any information relating to an identified individual or a person that can be identified, directly or indirectly by various identifiers such as name, identification number, location data, online identifier or by other specific features related to a natural, physiological , genetic, mental, intellectual, economic, cultural or social identity.

3.5. Processing of personal data – any operation or set of operations performed with personal data or a set of personal data by automatic or other means such as collection, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or modifying, retrieving, consulting, using, disclosing by transmission, disseminating or otherwise making the data accessible, arranging or combining, restricting, deleting or destroying.

3.6. Restriction of processing – marking of the stored personal data in order to limit their processing in the future;

3.7. Administrator of Personal data – a individual or legal entity, agency or other structure that independently or by assigning another person processes personal data, duly determining the purposes and means of processing.

3.8. Information society service – any service that is normally provided for a fee and is provided remotely, by electronic means of processing, at the individual request of the recipient of the service.

3.9. Cookies – small text files that are stored on the computer or mobile device of the User when visiting the Site.


4.1. By using the Site, the User expressly agrees that the Provider has the right to process his personal data in accordance with the General Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, both available on the Site.

4.2. The Provider, through the Site, collects, stores and processes personal data of the User only in connection with its activities, in accordance with the requirements of applicable law and the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.

4.3. The personal data of the User can be used for processing inquiries, assistance, personal communication with the User, statistical information about the use of the Site, protection of information security of the Site, accounting purposes in connection with the use of the services of the Provider.

4.4. The Provider gives the User with the opportunity to make inquiries for products and services through the contact form published on the Site. Upon receipt and processing of this information sent by the User, the Provider collects the following personal data: name, email address and contact telephone number.

4.5. The Provider does not use or process personal data of the User, which gives information about racial or ethnic origin, related to health, sexual life or sexual orientation, related to political, religious, philosophical beliefs, membership in trade unions, health data of the User or related to convictions and crimes.

4.6. The Provider stores the personal data of the User for a period in which it is necessary for the implementation of the purposes for which the data were originally provided.


5.1. At any time of using the Site, the User has the right to refuse further processing of personal data.

5.2. The User has the right to receive information from the Provider whether the latter processes his personal data.

5.3. The User has the right to object to the processing of personal data by the Provider.

5.4. The User has the right to correct or supplement the personal data that he originally gave to the Provider.

5.5. The User has the right to request the deletion of personal data given to the Provider, and the latter is obliged to delete it, based on:

– fulfilled purposes for which the personal data was originally sent;

– illegal processing of personal data;

– deletion of personal data is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation under EU or Member State law that applies to the Provider;

– objection by the User for processing of personal data and at the same time there are no legal grounds with higher priority;

– personal data is used to offer information society services;

5.6. The User has the right to request the deletion of personal data given to the Provider, without the latter being obliged to delete it when any of the following reasons is present:

– personal data are stored and processed in compliance with a legal obligation under EU or Member State law that applies to the Provider;

– personal data is stored and processed for a public interest task, in the name of public health, for archiving purposes, for scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes in the public interest;

– personal data is stored and processed for the establishment, exercise and protection of legal claims;

– personal data is stored and processed for the exercise of the right to information and freedom of expression;

– personal data is stored and processed for the exercise of official powers granted to the Provider;

5.7. The provider does not delete any data that it is obliged by law to store, including, but not limited to, in order to prove his rights or protect itself against claims in court.

5.8. The User has the right to ask the Provider to limit the processing of personal data when any of the following reasons are present:

– the accuracy of personal data is disputed;

– the User does not want personal data to be deleted, but only its use to be restricted;
– the Provider no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of processing, but it cannot be deleted for legal reasons;

– the User has filed an objection to the processing of personal data, but the decision on the objection is pending;

5.9. The User may exercise his right to refuse to process, correct and supplement, delete or restrict the processing of personal data by sending an e-mail with his wish to the Provider. The message must be sent from the email from which the User initially gave his consent for processing of personal data.


6.1. The Provider has taken adequate administrative, technical and physical measures to protect the personal data of the User in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria, including the Personal Data Protection Act.

6.2. If the Provider finds a violation of personal data protection and a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the User, he notifies the User of the circumstances and the measures that the Provider has taken or will take.

6.3. The Provider is not obliged to notify the User in case of a breach of protection, if the former has taken all necessary measures to protect data, guarantee the rights of the User or the notification itself requires a disproportionate effort.


7.1. The Site uses cookies, which allow it to store the actions and preferences of the User for a certain period of time, so as not to have to enter them every time you visit the Site or go from one page to another. This in turn helps the Provider to provide useful and interesting content for the User.

7.2. The Provider does not disclose, sell, exchange or in any other way provide to third parties the information that the Site collects during the visits of the User. Exceptions are the cases when this is required according to the applicable legislation and / or by a competent body authorized by law, but always in compliance with the current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.


8.1. The Site uses analytical cookies (Google Analytics cookies), through which the Provider monitors the traffic and evaluates the usability of the Site. These cookies carry information about the pages of the Site that are opened, on what devices the Site is used and other data and do not contain information about the personal data of the User.

8.2. The Site uses functional cookies, which allow the User to use the full functionality of the Site.

8.3. The user can change the cookie settings of the browser he is using. By taking these actions, the User must keep in mind that the restriction of cookies may disrupt the proper functioning of the Site and the latter may not work completely correctly.


9.1. The Provider may change or update this Privacy Policy to ensure compliance with applicable law. The date of the last update is indicated at the beginning of the document.

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