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Palm stearin

The palm stearin is a mixture of fatty acids derived by fraction of the hard components obtained during the processing of palm oil. It has a broad application in manufacturing of candles, cosmetics products, rubber and plastic articles.

When is used for production of candles the palm stearin helps for the excellent burning and fragrance retaining, contributes for hardness, it could be easy colored in the desired color and gives possibilities for the versatile forming of the surface from complicated crystal forms to the saturated steady colors.

 Type  Code Melting point, °C Iodine value  Acid value Application
Palm stearin  ES4  54-57  max 0,5  207 - 213 Production of hand-made decorative candles, cosmetics
Palm stearin  ES5  55-58  max 1  204 - 210 Production of hand-made decorative candles, cosmetics



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