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Paraffin waxes and other waxes

Evricom Ltd is a leading supplier in Bulgaria and on the Balkans for paraffin waxes and vegetable waxes with broad and special application in different industries. Our main target is continuous development, implementing new products, increasing the number of customers. The main principles which our company follows are delivering of products with optimal quality and price, promptness in customer service, development and long term cooperation with our partners.

The main types of waxes with general application which we offer are petroleum waxes and palm waxes.

We offer also special waxes for candle production, investment casting and rubber industry.

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28 Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Blvd., Stara Zagora 6000, Bulgaria
tel. +359 42 692900, 630828, fax +359 42 649088
e-mail: office(at)

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