Coconut wax is organic, renewable and it does not contain pesticides! It is extracted from the „flesh“ of the coconut and is most often mixed with some harder waxes to create a nice creamy mixture for candles in containers.

Advantages of coconut wax:
* Pleasant color;
* No odor;
* Even release of fragrance;
* No need of second pouring;
* Easy to operate;
* Burns longer and cleaner;
* Excellent adhesion to the walls of the containers;
* Achieved rich and saturated colors;
* Does not require any additives;
* Retains a higher % of fragrance;

Coconut waxes melt quickly and do not require cooling before pouring, which simplifies the production cycle. We strongly recommend that you try this wax, you will fall in love with it and you will not want to replace it with another!

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